lunes, 25 de julio de 2011

Numerología, te amo.

Acabo de encontrar esto en google. Me siento rara, feliz, pelotuda, y rara. En fin, les dejo mi numerología con Andrew VanWyngarden <3

Compatibility level: 25% - A relationship that presents frequent challenges and requires much compromise.
Mora is attracted to Andrew's strength and stability. Andrew is the grounded force, offering almost unconditional love and protection. Mora feels safe and secure in Andrew's love. Andrew thrives on giving love, comfort and protection, and in short, Andrew is Mora's haven.
Andrew recognizes and is attracted to Mora's free spirit. Mora has courage and curiosity and brings excitement and growth to the relationship. Mora's Life Path number 5 and Andrew's 6 complement each other very well.
It is interesting to note that this kind of partnership is somewhat rare due to some initial distrust these two have to overcome when they first meet. Mora- and Andrew's archetypes have very little in common and usually don’t reach out to bridge the gap. As a consequence, although not impossible, love at first sight is rarely found in this match.
When people like Mora and Andrew are drawn to each other, it is usually very physical and sensual. Once they connect, the attraction quickly grows powerful, overshadowing just about everything else in their lives. This physical attraction is a strong foundation and while many couples, after a period time, often lose interest in the physical aspect - at least to some degree - in this particular case the physical attraction will last a long time and remain powerful. This physical attraction is particularly important to Mora, who is by nature a sensual person.
Once the initial distrust is overcome, Andrew realizes that there is much more substance to Mora than Mora initially revealed. Andrew found out that Mora, in spite of a reluctance to commit, is extremely loyal and trustworthy.
The popular notion that people who change so easily and adapt to new circumstances quickly may not be so strong in their commitment is proven wrong when applied to Mora. In fact, Mora is less likely to cheat than most people. On the other hand, Andrew can become a source of frustration and jealousy for Mora because Andrew gives love freely and generously. In order to keep harmony, Mora needs to understand that this is simply Andrew's nature. Andrew is quick with hugs and shows of care and love to other people, but this should not be a reason for Mora not to trust Andrew, or to be jealous.
Andrew simply has a lot of love to give. Teaching, healing, and counseling - even if they are not part of Andrew's career - are major ingredients in the Andrew's makeup, and Andrew needs avenues to express them. It is important that Mora keeps that in mind and does not let misplaced jealousy come between them.
The most difficult challenge Andrew may have to overcome is to accept the fact that Mora is certainly a social animal. For Mora to be happy, Mora must live a dynamic life; full of impulsive decisions, changes, social activities and travel. With some exaggeration, one might say that Andrew loves the home while Mora loves the pub. Keeping that in mind, they will both need to offer their partner a lifestyle that is in harmony with what they want for themselves.